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I've been looking around for some procmail examples, and don't see any that are too complicated. I figured I would post my ongoing .procmailrc file. It's commented better than most code I've seen in my lifetime.

14-Jan-2008 Solaris 10 I've been seeing error messages in /var/adm/messages that say:
Could not send message from queue: /var/tmp/cc-transport/CCTQueueStore/store/queues/REGISTRATION/registration
The solution:
/etc/init.d/cc-transport stop
/usr/lib/cc-cfw/framework/lib/cc-client-adm stop
rm -rf /var/tmp/cc-transport/*
/usr/lib/cc-cfw/framework/lib/cc-client-adm start
/etc/init.d/cc-transport start

Copying Solaris 10 - T2000 drive to build another host

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