I've tried EVERYTHING to try to control my cats' fleas!

METHOD                          RESULTS
powder          Cats hate it, and groom themselves of it later.  Is this healthy?
shampoo        They quickly learn to run at the sound of the bathtub water!!
collar             Both of them learned to walk and squirm backwards until they could work the collar off

Now I've found the solution:


Their flea comb is made in England.  It's teeth are finer than the ones you'll find in the pet
superstores.  This means you can get all the fleas!
This website has a good picture of one.
What I do (I would patent the idea, if it wasn't so darned simple) is use the comb and
some 1" wide masking tape from the hardware store.  I comb my cat, then when I find a flea
stuck in the teeth of the comb I push a piece of masking tape against the teeth of the comb,
sticking the flea against the tape.  Then I move the tape and the flea off the comb, double
over the tape, and seal the flea's fate forever.  Really easy and clean!

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